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The school year at Charis Bible College has ended. Our third year class graduated on the 10th. On Saturday morning we enjoyed a grand promotional breakfast for those who completed 1st year and, in the afternoon the 2nd year graduates celebrated. Students are thrilled to have finished their studies. For each it is a victory, but not the end.

No one wants to leave behind the good things we’ve experienced. Lessons taught and special memories are ours to keep. Still walking away from the loving environment and the individuals who have been part of this unique community is difficult.

In the time of transition I see us standing at a mid point, one arm stretching back to where we’ve been, the other stretching out to grasp the Lord’s. With joy He anticipates what He has next for each one. We’re unable to move at all until we loosen our grip on what’s familiar and safe and step out into His amazing plan.

Romans 12:1 and 2 are verses we’ve heard many times in classes at Charis. God’s perfect will for each individual becomes clear as we let go of our agendas and let Him guide us into the next stage of our lives, futures we could never orchestrate or even imagine.

Removed from the Charis bubble, now, more than ever, we need to constantly focus on Him to withstand what the enemy attempts to slip into our own natural minds or through the ungodly thinking and responses of others.

The branches on some of the aspens┬áhere are bare. Others have leaves beginning to unfurl. Still others have leaves fully open. Proverbs 11:30 says, “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life.” (KJV) The incorruptible seed of God’s Word deposited within us cannot fail to produce.

Ones with whom we share the message of faith and grace may begin to realize how good God is – like the aspen leaf just beginning to open. As they discern the enemy’s lies and the truth of the Gospel, they are free to receive the abundant life Christ offers each of us – like the leaves that open fully to light and warmth. While we choose to release our hold on what is comfortable and move forward guided by the Holy Spirit, our lives will bear fruit for God’s Kingdom in ways beyond what we can begin to imagine.


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  1. Congratulations Mary, on completing your studies. I like the way you express your leaving Charis, but on the other hand putting your hand in the hand of the Lord, as you move out.
    God bless you in the next stage of your ministry.
    In Love

  2. Well said, Mary, and God bless and lead each Charis student forward. Congratulations on graduating! I’m eager to see how you’ll use what you’re bringing home with you.

    1. We are so blessed being led step by step into the good plan He has for each of His own. Love to see what is unfolding in your journey, Janet.

  3. Thank you for sharing, Mary. I love how you relate the simple things in nature to the word of God and apply the truth of the word to our lives. Miss you already.
    Glad we can keep in touch.
    On another note, I spoke with Scott Kennedy at the reception last Wednesday and got a feel for their excitement for coming to Toronto. Hope you can connect with him and Sharon (I believe that is his wife’s name.)
    Much love,

  4. God has created us to be relational. He told Adam, it’s not good for man to be alone. God desires relationship with us and we experience the various facets of Him in our relationships with people. I am truly grateful for the side of God I got to experience in the last three years you were here Mary. I miss your physical presence but I trust what our Father has in store for me and for you. Where ever you go, whatever you do, enJOY Him. I wish you Much Love & Many Blessings!!

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