Crossroads Life Church hosted a ladies’ breakfast featuring the theme “Becoming”. We were asked to consider what we have in our hands – what resources, talents, abilities. I love to write. I have this Mac, access to the internet, and after three years of amazing teaching at Charis, the Lord continues to reveal truths from His Word.

Truth…I John 4:17 is a huge one! John said that every believer is – present tense, now – in this world as Jesus is – present tense, now. How do we get our thinkers around that one? As a man on this earth, Jesus lived a life no one else has ever achieved; and, now, He is seated beside Father God, totally victorious over everything Satan brought against mankind!

Even before His triumph on Calvary He stilled the wind and the waves. (Mark 4:38) He had no fear of the storm and He wondered why the men with Him were afraid. He asked them why they had no faith. (Mark 4:40) And I only need to believe for simple needs, like enough hours of sunshine and wind to get the clothes dried on the lines.

I am thrilled to be God’s child, one He is training and teaching with unlimited patience. He has written down what is ours as co-heirs with Christ. That inheritance has to be taken by each recipient. The agreement is not fulfilled unless the One supplying and the one accepting both participate.

Jesus questioned why His followers hadn’t taken what was theirs. They had the same provision from Father, but their expectation was based on natural circumstances, a storm that was about to sink their boat, rather than the perspective Jesus had, God’s power to deliver.

This “becoming” is a huge process. II Peter 1:3 states that God has provided everything related to life and it comes through knowing Him. Faith is essential. I have to move beyond mental assent to each truth, until I fully believe the promise and act on it.

The honeysuckle on our hiking trail is beginning to bloom. As the flowers open fully they will release their fragrance. Our Father is so good. He will hold us up with His strong right hand. (Isaiah 41:10) His fragrance will be released from our lives as we continue to grow and become the mature sons and daughters He has created us to be.




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  1. Praying for open eyes, hearts, and spirits to Jesus’ perspective so we can become what He has for each of us to be. Thanks for this encouragement, Mary.

  2. That is beautiful, Mary. Aren’t we thankful our loving Creator is so very patient with our “Becoming” !
    On another note: Did I tell you I am now on full time as a Partner Minister at AWMI? Just LOVE IT! I call partners all day and thank them for being partners with the ministry, then ask if I can pray for them. It is wonderful to see the Lord
    encourage and lift up the broken hearted as I share scripture with them and pray with them (for all kinds of needs).
    Thinking of you fondly,

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