On June 7th I attended the celebration of the life of a man who was loved a bunch. It’s likely that everyone remembered at least one time Mervin blessed them. For me it was a beautiful night on a winter holiday when several of us were snowmobiling. My machine was a second-hand dud that broke down continually. Merv gave me his dependable machine and wrestled my clunker all the rest of that evening.

The Lord Jesus overcame death when He gave His life for ours. What appeared to be victory for Satan was instead the ultimate triumph for the Saviour of mankind. Until Satan has zero ability to use against us, he persists in attacking anyone he can in any way possible. But even when life is snatched from one who loves and serves the Lord Jesus, that person has won.

For a believer in Christ the end of life here is the start of real living – in peace, with joy, loved and totally well. Jesus spoke of a grain of wheat that is planted producing many more kernels. When eternity matters more than our lives on this earth we are blessed for ever. (John 12:24,25) Troubles, sickness and death were not what Father God wanted for us, but He’s made a way through Christ for us to have victory regardless.

In nature a hard seed, such as the stone of a peach, is planted; life comes forth and fruit is produced and enjoyed by others. Our years on this earth may be like the time when a seed is in the soil. With sunlight, moisture and nutrients in the ground, it develops and breaks through above the surface. From our vantage point, it hasn’t really come to life until we see it sprouting and growing.

Mervin loved doing life with family and friends. He is greatly missed, but he is more than okay…for eternity! His loved ones look forward to joining him, and their Lord, for a never-ending celebration.


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