A gentle little fellow fell into a deep window well at the back of Beech Croft. I discovered him Wednesday afternoon. His pungent odour had identified him a day or two earlier. Even a baby skunk emits a powerful stench. He was trembling with fear, cold and wet. He had demolished the screen on the laundry room window, but was not able to scramble even half way up any side of the well.

How do you rescue a skunk? I lowered a ladder into the well. The aluminum was slippery in the rain and the steps were too far apart. I tied an old wool blanket to the ladder and draped it over the rungs hoping the rough fabric would give him traction and something to grasp. To his wee mind it must have seemed a shelter rather than an escape route. The next morning he was still trapped, but safe and dry.

Early in the afternoon I spotted him scooting along beneath the grape vine – on his way back to his family’s home under the brown barn I’m guessing. How he actually managed to escape I don’t know. Something clicked in his thinker and he figured it out. Father God cares about all His creatures, perhaps especially little stinky ones.

He has moved on, but his distinctive scent remains. And I’m left wondering what lingers behind in a place where I’ve been? In II Corinthians 2:14,15 Christians are said to give off an aroma that tells others they have been with and they know the Lord Jesus. What a joy if that is the case! I want ones who don’t yet know Christ to receive the abundant life He offers them, and others who are serving Jesus to be strengthened in their faith and encouraged.

May every follower of the Lord Jesus walk in love as He did, our lives revealing His grace and mercy, attracting those around us to Him.

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  1. What an excellent analogy of God’s unfailing love for all His creatures. I loved it! Thank you for reminding me that I need to examine myself constantly. Hopefully I’m emitting a sweet smelling fragrance, inviting others to accept Him too.

  2. I just loved this beautifully written account of God caring for a struggling creature, even a skunk! How much more He cares for us , His children.
    Thank you Mary.

  3. I’m glad the little fellow’s okay. And thank you for the reminder, Mary, that we do leave a fragrance behind. May we be mindful of that, and careful to leave a sweet one!

  4. Mary, your sweet fragrance of love, care, and generosity still lingers at Christ Haven, where I got to experience the JOY and pleasure of your presence for the last three years. You gave us a part of Him in your own unique God-gifted/given way. And with your picturesque words, you continue to do so. Thank you!!!

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