Even a tiny pond has its challenges. To find a good pump that is not too powerful for a small area is one of them. I’ve had two strong ones that kept the water flowing – practical but not pretty. My third is less prone to quitting. It is more suitable for a wee pond producing a gentle spray rather than a geyser. Still, I have to check it several times each day.

The pump is nestled in a cluster of rocks to hold it in position and I attempt to regulate the spray to fall within the perimeter. The vibration jiggles it so the water shoots out in other directions. Spray shuts off in one of the fountain head’s openings and shoots off in others. Some jets extend their range. Several will disappear. The remaining one or two eventually dwindle. The pair of small frogs that have taken up residence must wonder what’s happening. Change is the norm.

And I am probably as unpredictable as my current pump. Jesus said that rivers of living water should be flowing out of me. (John 7:38) Those waters are neither steady nor consistent. When I’m enjoying time with like-minded people, it is so easy to share what He has revealed in His Word. With others whose thoughts come from a completely different viewpoint, I’m often reduced to offering short spurts like the faltering pump. If I’m dealing with issues that turn my focus inward, precious little that would encourage others comes out. At those times I’m functioning much as the pump does when its filter is covered with goop.

One day I may discover a pump perfectly suited for my wee pond. In the meantime, Father, help me to be dependable and faithful in sharing a life-giving flow of Your precious truth with those around me.



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  1. Oh Mary, how I relate to your comments. With like-minded people I joyfully share about the Lord’s goodness, and with great enthusiasm. May I function like a pump that is steady and predictable, where ever I am.

  2. Yes, that’s me too!!! Great story Mary, thanks for prompting to clean out the jet to reset the flow. Oh help me Lord.

  3. Mary, your insights are so practical and they’re so applicable. Thanks for this, reminding us to regularly check our flow… and also reminding us of how much we need Jesus’ regular cleaning/repositioning of our flow. It reminds me of the washing of the disciples’ feet and how we’re cleaned, but we need regular cleaning.

    Wishing we could visit and share some of that good, like-minded conversation!

  4. Amen, Mary to that prayer!! There are so many things in this world that distract us from the abundant “life” Jesus came to provide for us. From His life and the overflow of IT, we are blessed and able to also bless others. Thank You Father for always helping us and never condemning us.

  5. Wow! I can really relate to this one. Thanks for sharing your insights, Mary. I’ve enjoyed catching up on all the posts that I’ve missed.

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