Special friends gave Mr. Whiskers a perfect little shelter to scoot into should stormy weather happen when the house door is closed. Does he use it? At times, if the mood moves him. Otherwise he may choose to tuck his furry body under the barbecue cover. On warm days the clear plastic covering the glider suits. With this summer’s rainy days the refuge closest at the moment works.

We need to know what is available to us when a storm comes. In Psalm 32:7 David said the Lord is our hiding place. He will keep us safe in trouble. Mr. Whiskers knows where the safe places are on our property. What door provides access for us to a place where problems can’t drench God’s dear ones?

Truth is our sanctuary. Opinions and lies can’t shake us when we know the facts. God’s Word is a sure foundation for faith and the strong walls of His promises surround each believer. Our part is to be fully persuaded of them in our hearts. When dark clouds gather we need to duck under the canopy of the Word quickly and shut the door on the enemy’s attack.

Refuse to let doubt in. Satan may be rattling on the door with his lies, but II Timothy 1:7 is a barricade. God-given power stops fear from rising. ┬áConfidence can be ours no matter what life throws at us. II Peter 1:3 declares that we have every single thing we need to live! That covers it. Father God has provided the perfect shelter from any troubling circumstance. Let’s choose to scoot in.


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  1. Love it! You just put joy in my heart as you share such delightful illustrations of God’s goodness and caring in all circumstances.

  2. Mary, this was so ‘right on’ today. You are so good at writing just what I need to hear. THANK YOU!
    School at CBC starts this next Tuesday. Students have been coming into the Elkton bookstore. One young man this past week was brought here by his parents from Canada but I was too busy to ask them where they are from.
    It is exciting to be close here to CBC but I almost wish I was going back. I believe Rick Strawn is taking Creative Arts AGAIN. Do you know of any who are taking 3rd year for the 2nd or 3rd time?
    My handy man is finally finished with my deck (P T L) now to get the inside repairs done, the outside painted, and new carpet and I will finally be able to put it on the market. love and miss you Mary.
    Trust this finds you doing well

  3. Mary, that is sooo good for us to know, believe, and adhere to the Truth that will make us free from fear of whatever circumstances that might come our way!! In Mr. Whiskers I see us Believers trying to do things ourselves, in our own way or strength instead of knowing, believing, and using what our Father has provided for us. We may be surviving but He desires for us to thrive and be in a position help guide others to the Ultimate Shelter, Jesus Christ!!

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