On a brief holiday in Scotland and England I realized the value of clear directions. Huge airports are a bit of a maze. Even with directions from various airline officers, travellers check schedules and signs to find their way to the gate and waiting area for their flights. Settled in the correct seat folks are okay. The pilot knows where he’s going, but once the plane lands you’re back into finding your way through another airport and whatever is needed for the next step of the journey.

Some seem to have a built in compass. I can enter a building and be completely turned around by the time I come out. If nothing is familiar and you head off in the wrong direction or you choose the wrong exit from a round-about you can end up in some interesting situations.

I pulled into a drive on a twisty country road to get turned around only to find it was almost impossible to back out. The locals scoot along on the left side of the road and cars were only visible for a short space because of the curves. Plus the farm owner came home while I was blocking her drive and cars whizzed around her waiting on the narrow road. I pulled ahead. She came in behind me, moved her dust bin and directed me in cramped quarters to get facing out the lane. She was a fun lady and very kind, but she did warn me not to back into her shrubs.

Street names and house numbers were scarce in Yorkshire. I was hardly a block away from the address of friends in a small village, but the lady who rescued me that time had to hop in the car and go with me. Words could not describe how to get to that house hardly any distance away.

We face unfamiliar twists and turns in our daily lives. We can settle back and relax on the main route knowing Father God has set the flight path and eternity with Him is the final destination. It’s the incidentals that pop up from moment-to-moment that make us stop and check the signs. What a blessing when the Holy Spirit reminds us of a verse that applies to our need or leads us to read or watch a teaching that gives the answer. The constant companion and guide of every believer, He provides directions in a myriad of ways and I am so  thankful for Him.

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  1. Great story! I live this quoting a line from an old TV show “which way do I go, which way do I go George?” just so thankful God is always there leading in the right direction. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Mary, How brave you were to negotiate those winding roads in a car; and how good of God to provide help along the way. Are you related to the Wainds in the photo?
    Hope your vacation was enjoyable in spite of those challenges.
    Thanks again for a great post, and how in every situation we can see the Holy Spirit directing us, just as Jesus said it would be.

  3. Sounds like you had exciting times Mary!! Being lost for me can cause fear to rise up. My GPS seems to lose it’s signal way too often, but eventually I do find my way. LoL
    I see the Father’s compassion in the people He sent to help you, encounters you would not have had if you hadn’t gotten lost. You were blessed to receive their help and they were blessed also by helping you. Life is Good because God is Good and God is Life – I’m sooo grateful we can Rest in Him and Enjoy the Journey!!

  4. Mary, YOU ARE AMAZING! I love these Posts!!! I also love that you depend wholly upon the Holy Spirit and you go with the gusto of a teen! 🙂

    I shared with friends here at the Women Arise/ and at work how fun it is to get the CBC news straight from you in CANADA!!! LOL I am referring to your visit to the UK and George and Sarah’s wedding. Like me, the ladies I shared with had no idea they were married and so excited that you got to go attend their wedding.

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