If you’re short on time or inclination to prepare real food at home, I hope one day you will have both. I’m still using lettuce, parsley and chives from my tiny garden, but only because I picked all those greens before the temperature dropped below freezing here. Having salad fixings at the back door in warm weather was a treat. In November I don’t miss them. Warm comfort food is welcome on cool, grey days.

The aroma of baking or dinner cooking helps make a house feel like home. It can snuff out loneliness. It can create security and the feeling of being cared for. In Canada many have strong associations and memories connected to the fragrance of fresh bread, roast chicken, apple pie, even popcorn or whatever was a treat on happy occasions in our homes.

Food is powerful. What we eat can give life or death. Both quality and quantity matter for the health of our whole being – spirit, soul and body. John, the apostle, related the two in III John 1:2. We need nutritious natural food and healthy faith-food. Of the latter the Word of God is the perfect source. The Lord Jesus spoke of the life-giving power of that Word when He had been without food for many days and Satan tempted Him to turn stones into bread. (Matthew 4:4)

A good meal restores energy when we’re working at a job that requires physical strength. When we’re believing God to meet a specific need, we have to get the promise of His Word settled in our minds and hearts. We can read the Word, listen to the Word, and confess the Word until we’ve digested the essential truth that applies to our situation. Like the effects of yummy food aromas in our homes, scripture promises fill us with hope and faith that drive away lies and doubts the enemy brings. God’s Word gives strength to see us through until we have the answer.

Whenever cold days come in your part of the world, I wish you the warmth and comfort of good food prepared in your kitchen, and the blessing of being refreshed and strengthened in your spirit to overcome every challenge through the power of God’s Word.

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  1. When I was a kid, I loved to come home from school on a cold winter’s day and step into the kitchen and smell one of my favourite meals — meat loaf, scalloped potatoes and squash — baking in the oven. You’re right, Mary. It makes a person feel safe and comfortable and loved.

    As good food nourishes our body so Scripture nourishes our soul. Great message, Mary! Thank you!

  2. Lovely thoughts Mary, and so true. I could almost smell that popcorn! In our church we are starting a series on Sunday evenings of listening to God, and absorbing His Word.
    Isn’t that interesting that your post reflects that very action.

  3. you know what your talking about when it comes to food. So enjoyed the meal you brought over last week. What a blessing you have become to us.

  4. Thank you Mary for your always encouraging words!! I can relate to God’s Word but not so much to the smell of food except for the popcorn of course. As you know, I don’t cook LoL I have passed bakeries and doughnut shops where you can almost taste the “goods” by the aroma!! The power in and of the Word; He will have to do some serious work on me if He wants me more involved in the kitchen (smile) But I am sooo grateful for the Word made flesh, the living and life giving Word that is health to us!!

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