Do you look forward to things getting better? We’ve been enjoying blue skies and sunshine in this corner of Ontario. The past month can be cold and grey and wet here. In other years when this was the case we looked forward to snow coming to stay. The white stuff on the ground makes the days brighter and not as cold.

Now in December snow will come. Until it does there are still dry leaves on the copper beech and squirrels are gathering an abundance of beech nuts, acorns and walnuts around our yard. The brittle foliage means the beech will have a time of rest until new leaves form next spring, and there is a germ of life in every beech nut the squirrels bury.

Knowledge of this cycle in nature gives us hope for future days. In other areas it’s easy to focus on the way things are now. An understanding of forces in the spiritual realm can enable us to  see beyond the present with optimism for the rest of life. If we realize satan always paints a dark, negative picture, we can reject his lies.

Our enemy wants us to believe that trouble in a relationship can’t be resolved. God can enable His child to show unconditional love that melts animosity. Satan will say a physical  condition is bound to get worse. A believer can expect the opposite knowing that the Lord Jesus took every sickness on Himself and carried it away. (Matthew 8:17) It may look like there’s no way to overcome financial problems, but Philippians 4:19 assures us that we will have no lack.

Satan thought he had the final victory when he convinced Judas to betray Jesus. Instead Christ’s death and resurrection achieved the ultimate triumph for the kingdom of God.  Whatever the battle, with God, we can choose to expect a positive outcome.

Each individual has different life experiences. Some are protected and nurtured in godly circumstances like a seedling cared for in a nursery, then planted and staked in a favourable spot. Others may cope alone with tough situations depending on the Holy Spirit to support and guide them step by step.

Wherever we are and whatever we face, we are Father God’s special planting. What we become is not guaranteed. The conditions we experience play a part and our choices and expectations are crucial. At the end of The Book, John looks forward to the return of Christ and an amazing future. (Revelation 22:20) For every follower of the the Lord Jesus, the apostle’s perspective is ours for the taking.

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  1. Than you for reminding me to look through the eyes of God. — How great is the goodness you have stored up for those who fear you. You lavish it on those who come to you for protection, blessing them before the watching world. Psalm 31:19

  2. I love this Mary!! Perspective is sooo important. Two people can look at the same thing but see things differently. There are a lot of scriptures that talk about our focus: Fix your eyes on Jesus – Behold Him and be transformed – Attend to God’s Word – Be eternal instead of temporary minded – What’s in our hearts is what comes out, etc… I thank our Father for taking care of us and providing new mercy, grace and compassion daily, for He knows how desperately we need it!!

  3. Mary, you have a beautiful gift of drawing your readers into your world with curiosity and anticipation of ‘where you are going’ with this. 🙂 I continue to enjoy and consider thoughtfully each post/blog etc. Merry Christmas!

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