2:00 a.m. My face should not feel cold. No, Lord… minus 7 Celsius overnight and no heat? I crawled out from the covers and felt the old radiator – radiating nothing. A trip to the basement – the furnace was humming along faithfully but generating zero warmth. Okay, it was Sunday, December 10th. If our amazing repairman was home; if he had taken his cell phone into the house; if he had time to come over; if he could figure out the problem; if he had whatever part was needed…

Saturday, December 9th had been super. The morning doings had zipped along well: a precious time with the verses in John 11 that tell of the resurrection power of the Lord Jesus overcoming death and restoring his friend to life; clothes washed and drying on lines in the basement; food prepared for the evening meal; bare, dry roads for the drive to Hamilton to celebrate our brother’s birthday; good visiting over supper back at home…

We can thank Father God for every positive experience. Our enemy is defeated, but he isn’t dead. A furnace breaking down on a frigid night after a great day is characteristic of satan’s tactics in a fallen world. He wants us to lose joy, be discouraged, expect the worst. To have things going well for God’s children does not fit his agenda. If he gets us fussing, we are not trusting. To be aware of his devices can give us the edge.

Sunday morning at 8:30 I left a message on Ray’s cell. Over the years he has been able to understand the intricacies of the hot water heating system in this old house. With God’s grace I prayed against every force of the enemy that would block a speedy repair. I praised the Lord for His assurance that nothing designed to attack me can succeed, and headed off to worship with my church family.

Moments after I got home Ray rang the doorbell. He’d been over while I was away and checked out the problem. He did have one ventor motor in his shop. By 2:00 p.m. the boiler was purring along again with the necessary power to work effectively. Steam shooting out of the vent by the back door was a welcome sight.

Through the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, power to overcome in life is provided for everyone who trusts in Him. The power that He demonstrated is available for us to conquer all that the enemy brings against us. If we know our rights as declared in His Word, they are ours to claim and live by.

Often problems are not resolved so quickly. The skirmishes may continue, but even if satan presses further, he loses in the end. Every covenant benefit is ours. Thank you, Father, for Your love. Thank you, that You have provided everything we need to triumph over the enemy. And thank you that what the enemy tried to use against me gave me fodder for this blog. Yay, God!


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  1. Thank You, God, for this practical example of how to pray and trust with thankfulness — and for a swift repair of Mary’s furnace. Mary, I love that line “if he can get us fussing, we’re not trusting.” So true. And sadly, it’s often so easy to do if we don’t keep alert to the behind-the-scenes tactics.

  2. Mirror Bible —

    (John 14:27) – Peace be with you! I give you My own peace – this is not the kind the world gives – this is the peace in the midst of troubled times; therefore you have nothing to fear!
    Let not your hearts be timid.

    (John 15:11) – I have spoken these things unto you so that My joy will continuously infuse you – you don’t have to invent your own if you can tap into Mine! This is the ultimate bliss!
    (Neh. 8:10)

    What an Awesome demonstration of what believing looks like (smile)
    Thank you Mary!! Merry Christmas – Wonder Filled New Year!!
    Blessings – Love, Joy, Grace & Peace to you & yours always!!

  3. Well done Mary!! You didn’t let the enemy steal your joy. Not easy when all seems impossible, Sunday of all days. God bless Ray!!
    A great story and example for us all, ‘yet praise Him’ .

  4. Mary, Mary
    What a delightful, inspiring and easy to read testimony of total dependency on our Lord. Please share your blogging with me. Your talent must be heard.
    God is Good
    Ernestine Walker

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