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Months ago I purchased a phone. The chap at the shop transferred contacts from my old phone and set up basic features. I’ve done some searching online to learn more about its workings. Family and friends have shared pointers. This new phone has amazing capabilities, but I need to spend lots more time to learn how to access them.

Having the knowledge makes all the difference. It’s more important in our lives than we realize. God spoke through the prophet Hosea that people die because of what they don’t know (Hosea 4:6). God’s Word is available to us. We are free to study the written Word. People who have gleaned revelation share great teaching via our phones and every other sort of technological device.

We pay attention to what we see and hear in the physical world around us, often unaware of spiritual forces opposing our grasp of truth. Satan works to rob us of faith in God’s Word. The Apostle John said the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).

Satan does not want us to know what the Lord Jesus secured for us, what is available to us and rightfully ours as believers in Christ. Knowledge of the enemy’s ways in the spiritual realm equips us to withstand him and live in victory in our natural, physical lives.

God’s Word is an effective weapon to combat satan’s deceptions (Ephesians 6:17). Father God means what He says. People may speak without depth of caring in casual conversation. God speaks with purpose. When He says His plans for the future of every individual are good, they are. God’s Word is powerful. It has a punch. It’s life-giving. To benefit from His Word it’s vital to know what it says.

In May 2017 I completed three Word-packed years at Charis Bible College. I wish everyone could experience at least one Charis year, but with all the technology available to us, we have almost unlimited access to knowledge. By God’s grace I will learn how to use this new phone, just one means of delving into what Father wants us to know about all that is ours because of His great love and mercy.

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  1. You are so right, Mary. I find myself focusing too much on how I feel, what’s happening in my life, the physical world, etc., instead of focusing on Jesus, God’s Word and the spiritual realm — where all my victories have already been secured by Christ at the cross. Thanks for the much-needed reminder about how to spend my time and where to place my attention.

  2. when you figure out how to use your phone, let me know. We have a lot to learn and I think it would be handy to be able to have God’s Word available in such a small item.

  3. I think of David’s words in Psalm 139, as he marvelled at our all knowing God, he said, “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; It is high . I cannot attain unto it.”(KJV). But, of course, I know what you are saying Mary relates to us delving into His word and having it in our hearts. A powerful weapon indeed.

  4. That’s such a good word, Mary. There is so much technology on our phones I only use a tenth of it maybe. The similarity of the iphone and the Word is great…when we really get a working knowledge of the Word, it changes everything. That’s just what I need!

  5. Blessings Mary – We Experience Great Freedom and Eternal Life when we KNOW the Truth!! Every single person can now come face to face with the Father entirely because of Jesus’ doing!!
    (John 8:31-32) (John 14:6) (John 17:3)

  6. Well, I need knowledge on how to subscribe to your blog. Can you help me?
    I enjoy your profound Wisdom, expressed so simply.

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